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So I’ve had my Laptop now for a full week and this is the first time I’ve been on the internet in two weeks total.

So the first thing I do is go back on my mission to find as many Sherlock gifs as possible.

I’d like to think I’ve acomplished something that I now have over 500 gifs in my folder half not yet named for the sheer fact that I found so many.

But just now I go to get on fan fiction.net and realize all of my favorites are still on my mom’s computer.

So not only do I have to go on her coumpter and go through every one of my favorites but┬ámy friend is coming over tomorrow and stay tell monday. During this time I have been told by him that I’ll be damned if we don’t watch all of season two this weekend. This means I’ll be watching Reichnbeck for the first time since I first saw it.

So needless to say I have to learn to be there for my friend as he watches this with me. Just one problem for my brain. My friends name is John.

I’m just going to read some nice Johnlock and get in a happy place.

Night guys, Jenn

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